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2010 Dec 01 - Winter Buffet Student Chef

2010 Dec 01 - Winter Buffet Student Chef
San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA

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It is time for the Annual Winter Buffet at the local Community College. It is put on by the Culinary Arts Department and profits from it and tips from the Student Chef are used to fund a Field Trip to one of San Francisco's upscale eateries for all of the students.
This year there are carolers as we enter

The Culinary Arts program is run by Mark Berkner who also owns and operates Taste Restaurant in Plymouth, CA. But that is still not enough to keep Mark busy he and his partner also own and operate the Union Inn and Pub in Volcano, CA.

The Pasta Station where you can order a pasta dish made to your order.

The poached salmon is presented in this unique fashion.

There are prawns and oysters on the half shell.

In the back are a rolled turkey breast and a boneless prime rib roast. In the fore is a whole roast pig.

A favorite is a smoked barbecue pork over collard greens.

There is also a sushi station where you can also order custom rolls.


Other appetizers.

The dessert table.

Art and Barbara were sitting with their friends.

The creme bruleƩ.

Winnie and Holden eating appetizers.

Patti and Elsa fill out our table of five.

My first of three dessert plates.

This is Elsa's dessert plate.

Almost all of the items are excellent. The Vietnamese spring rolls were one of only a couple of disappointing items.

There were two main course items that I did not get photos. They were the baked chicken on potato pancakes and the baked salmon.


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