Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 Jul 25 - Koby at Market Club

2010 Jul 25 - Ken at the Market Club
Sacramento, CA

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Sunday breakfast at the Market Club with two first-timers, Ken and Wally.

Of course the Market Club occupies Dock 16 in the Sacramento Wholesale Produce Market on 5th Street about 3 blocks south of Broadway.
From the parking lot. The Market Club has a brick facade.

Ken and Wally heading for the entrance

Since I told the owner that Ken was visiting from Australia he gave us an appetizer of Hamburger Royale. {hamburger, onions and eggs}

My breakfast the Sunday Special, one egg and fried rice

Ken has the Corned Beef Hash and Eggs with Fried Rice

Wally has the Hamburger Steak with onions and Eggs with Fried Rice

This is what the plates looked like after we finished eating. :-)



  1. Yum I'm going to take the wife there, wasn't the previous owners name Roy? I think he passed last year.