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2010 Jul 01 - Jayakarta Indonesian

2010 Jul 01 - Jayakarta Indonesian (Berkeley)

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Today five (5) Lunch Bunchers are being met by two guests for lunch. One is a classmate of ours and the other is a motorcyclist friend of mine from MA.

Elsa is driving Ken, Patti and me to Grandma's home where we will then drive to the Pittsburg BART station and another trip to the Downtown Berkeley BART station. From there we will walk the two blocks to the Jayakarta Restaurant.
Farm workers on Victoria Island in the Delta

Entering Grandma's neighborhood

Grandma's better half the redoubtable David is a Cracker Barrel type and does not like any Asian food, much less Indonesian.
I give David a bottle of Cracker Barrel sugar free syrup that I picked up on my trip to Maggie Valley, NC

Kibitzing about Grandma's quilt

We drive squeezed into Grandma's little car to the Pittsburg BART station.
Walking the long corridor

This is the BART train that we will be taking. That is Hwy 4.

We have to transfer trains to the Richmond line at the MacArthur station.
A short wait for the train to take us to Berkeley

Walking down Shattuck Avenue the main street of Berkeley

The old Kress Five and Dime is now a Book Store

A little way down University Avenue is the restaurant

Entering this little restaurant

Manjo from MA arriving from his son's home in Sunnyvale

Silvano our classmate needs to be in San Francisco after lunch so he drove to Berkeley

We ordered family style only doubling up on the Nasi Goreng Jayakarta with salty fish, which is an Indonesian fried rice.
Nasi Goreng Jayakarta with salty fish

The Empal Balado the beef was a bit tough, the only disappointing dish

Mie Goreng {fried noodles}

Oseng - Oseng Tempe - fried tofu with string beans

Sop with oxtail, a soup

We also had:
  • Terung Belado - fried egg plant
  • Ayam Kalasan - bbq chicken
  • Babat Goreng Kecap - fried tripe
  • Roti Prata - an appetizer of pan fried Singapore bread served with a curry dipping sauce.
We had very little left over. Just some fried rice of which we had a double order

Silvano and Manjo seemed to enjoy the meal

We say our good byes to Silvano and Manjo as they both have other obligations. The ladies decide to do some shopping so Ken and I head over to the Gelato shop.
This is the same shop where we had gelato after the Angeline's lunch

They make a very good gelato

The ladies get to the gelato shop a bit later and Patti and Elsa each have a gelato as Grandma takes a bite.

Finishing their gelato

We back track our morning ride on the BART and return to Pittsburg.
Exiting the Pittsburg BART

But the ladies are not finished shopping. We stop at a shopping mall in Brentwood.
Squeezing out of Grandma's little car

We do finally get back to the house and I get to take a squash home with me.
Holding up my veggie

An end to another Lunch Bunch trip.


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