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2010 Apr 28 - Farmer's Catfish House

2010 Apr 28 - Farmer's Catfish House (Modesto, CA)

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Today we head to the country just west of Modesto, CA for an early dinner at Farmer's Catfish House at 4:00 PM. I was suppose to ride one of my motorcycles today and stop at Linda's, but I had to deliver a package to the UPS Service Center and it was raining, heavily at times. But I drove over to Linda's while the other four met at Elsa's and drove down together.

This was my first visit to Linda's although I had passed by often on various motorcycle rides. They live about four miles west of the Modesto city limits surrounded by almond orchards.

The view across their Koi Pond

Swimming pool and deck

Grandma told Linda to smile when she opened the door because I was bound to take a photo

Linda and her better half Bud

I had made a scouting trip the Saturday before to take photos for the Lunch Bunch.
It really seems to be way out in the countryside

Part of the menu. Note the short open days and hours.

This is the part that the Lunch Bunch will order from

As is the normal case Linda and I are late to arrive. It is usually the one that lives the closest that is the last to arrive. In this case Linda lives a bit under five miles away, whereas Miles and Ora live over 50 miles away.
Linda, Elsa, Patti and Miles

Ora returns

A really strange combination of appetizers are the first part of all of Farmer's dinners. French fires, coleslaw and hush puppies. It was all very good. We also ordered the fried okra and fried gator.
Fries, hush puppies, fried okra and coleslaw

This is what is left of the fried gator after the first pass

A three section tin plate for the appetizers

While Elsa was eating she noticed that her sleeve had been chewed up by one of her many dogs.

And here is the video of her explanation:

Then the main course arrives on a separate plate with rice pilaf, Portuguese beans and a slice of French bread.
Here is the fried catfish filet

Here is the char broiled catfish filet

Here is the fried whole catfish

The crawfish enchilada

Linda holds up Elsa's whole fried catfish

The food is good, the place is kinda funky. It is a fun place.

And since we are there before 6:00 PM we get peach cobbler and ice cream as part of our $7 or $8 meal.

People arriving as we are getting ready to leave

Here is what the place looked like in the 1930's. It was a gas station and general store.

Although it seems like it is way out in the boonies here is a map showing its proximity to the biggest Mall in Modesto.  It is less than 2 miles from Hwy 99.

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I had wandered by this place many times but never went by when it was open. The Lunch Bunch even broke tradition and had a really late Lunch since Farmer's is only open from 4 to 9 on Wednesdays through Saturdays. The food was fresh and tasty, maybe a bit over spiced on some items. The Senior meals are a real bargain. Our total bill was under $75 for the six of us.


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