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2010 Mar 30 - Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

2010 Mar 30 - Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen (Berkeley)

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Today five of the Lunch Bunch is headed to Berkeley to Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen.
The five today have known each other for a pretty long time. This is a photo of us in a Grade School Class picture taken almost 58 years ago. :-)
I put names on the photo so you would not have to guess which five.

Anyway the plan is that Ken will drive Patti and me {Don} to Grandma's home. Linda will meet us at Grandma's. From there we will crowd into Grandma's car and head to a BART Station to ride that to the Downtown Berkeley BART Station. Angeline's is just a block and a half south of that BART Station.
Patti and Ken picking me up. My reflection is on the car door.

One of two bridges on Hwy 4 in the California Delta

The view of the river and farm island as we enter the bridge pictured above

Farm hands working a field in the California Delta

We first stopped at a local Safeway to purchase a Senior BART Pass. A Senior Pass gets $24 worth of Rides for a cost of $9. Well the local Safeway had run out of the Senior Passes.
Patti hands stuff over to Grandma at Grandma's home

Patti and Linda getting ready to get into the car

Oh well it turns out that Linda and Ken both need to buy a Senior BART card so Grandma takes us to a local store on the way to a BART Station. After buying the card we drive the 15 miles to the North Concord BART Station and board the BART. In Oakland we have to transfer to another BART line to get to the Downtown Berkeley Station. We climb the stairs and look a block south, no Angeline's in sight as no one had written down or remembered the address.
It turns out that there are a couple of BART exoduses and we had gone up at the far one from the restaurant so it was two and a half blocks away.
Patti is wondering what to order

The Lunch Menu

At least we figured out what to drink

Patti and Linda both order the Crawfish Etouffée. It is both spicy hot and tasty.
Crawfish Etouffée over rice with fresh green beans

Ken decides to play it safe and orders the Baby Back Ribs basted in a sauce with a little soy sauce in it. It was very good as everyone "stole" a taste of every dish.
Baby Back Ribs with a side potato salad

Grandma has a much smaller appetite than just a few years ago settles on a Roasted Vegetable Muffuletta with a cup of Gumbo as a side.
Roasted Vegetable Muffuletta

And I decide on the Oyster Po' Boy with a Gumbo side.
Oyster Po' Boy

The cup of Gumbo sides

As we are passing various tastes of food around Patti has an accident with Grandma's taste of sandwich.
Not on the table..... That is a real Rolex on Grandma's arm

The aftermath

And a Lunch Bunch day is not complete without some shopping.
Grandma is the traveler of the Bunch and is looking for a small piece of luggage

Then it is time for dessert at a little Gelato shop down the street.
I have the Hazelnut with a little bit of Chocolate Hazelnut

We BART and drive back to Grandma's home and the girls chat while I sit outside and have a smoke with Grandma's husband David. David is more of a Cracker Barrel type having grown up in Tennessee, home of Cracker Barrel.

Well by now a few hours have passed since lunch and Linda insists that we grab a bite somewhere. That somewhere turns out to be the Carvery or Harry's Hof Brau.
Going into Harry's Hof Brau

The pastrami sandwich on rye looks good but the meat had a lot of gristle and I would not recommend it.

The French Dip roast beef on the other hand was delicious

I have eaten here a couple of times before and the turkey was great as well as the roast beef.

Linda is spending the night at Grandma's because they have something they are going to do tomorrow morning. So we have taken two cars to our "light" dinner. We say our good byes and head home.
My goodness it is dark outside


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