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2010 Mar 06 - Grandma's 68th Birthday

2010 Mar 06 - Grandma's 68th Birthday (Stockton)

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This was not a planned Lunch Bunch function - but what the heck it is my Blog.

A lot of Grandma's family members. Some names I do not remember and some I may get wrong.

Actually, I did not think that there was a party. Grandma called me from her dad's home early this morning and during the conversation about Sherm's Blog of Arizona and her recent trips to Arizona and Cancun she told me to come over for lunch around 1:00 PM. I told her I had to do a few Income Tax returns, but she insisted. So I rode my little Moto Guzzi Nevada over to the old neighborhood around 1:00 PM.

The frenzy in the kitchen as the food is getting ready to be served.
Joequita in the apron is Grandma's sister-in-law

Grandma getting a plate ready

Jori who is one of Joequita's daughters and Grandma's niece

Jori and her sister Jena

Now for the food photos.
The pancit

The salad

The kalbi

There were other food items also, but were well known things.

Everyone grabbed a plate and served themselves and then found a place to sit.
Mary Ann and Ricky

In the foreground in blue is Grandma's sister Jenny

There are also a few generations at the party - Julian in the Cal Poly shirt

Grandma gets her food and Aaron grabs his throat

I said there were a few generations represented Zoie and Brenda's granddaughter Aleina

Grandma's older brother Bob

Bob's wife Mary Ann and Brenda another of Grandma's sisters

Dad is resting

Grandma and me eating

This is my first plate of food

These are Grandma's bones (and a few of mine)

The youngest attendee Emma

Slightly mistimed photo of Jena

Now it is time to light the cake and sing Happy Birthday. Twice as it turns out.
Lighting the candles on the birthday cake

Long distance attempt to blow out the candles

It turns out that there is another birthday to celebrate.
Jason's birthday is today as he blows out a second set of candles

Watching television

It is Grandma's weekend to watch her dad after the food

It turns out that Elsa's {of the Lunch Bunch} brother is always notoriously late. He is bringing Elsa's mom to the party. Elsa is in rehearsal for Hat's the play that she will be in at the Stockton Civic Theater.
Elsa's brother and mom the last to arrive and to eat

And now the kids are playing in the front yard.
Zoie, Bella, Emma and Aleina

Then there is the game that is being played. Brenda is duped into blowing paper pieces out of a bowl. She will be blind folded and given two tries. Her first effort is pathetic. Before her second attempt a large quantity of flour is added to the bowl of paper pieces. This time Brenda places her face into the bowl as she blows very hard. She winds up with a face full of flour.
Cleaning off her face and clothes

Oh yeah. And I brought Jennie's tax papers home with me. Now I have one more Income Tax Return to do and with a Hawaii State Income Tax return to boot.


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