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2010 Mar 09 - Market Club

2010 Mar 09 - Market Club (Sacramento)

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Elsa was craving baked short ribs from the Market Club, so we decided to break in our newest member Ken O with this trip to Sacramento. There were five of us today, Elsa, Ken, Miles, Ora and me. Since Elsa needed to get back home early to get ready for her dress rehearsal for the play Hats that she is in at the Stockton Civic Theater, we were to meet at Miles and Ora's home. From there I would ride with Elsa so she would not get lost and Miles drove his car with the rest.
Miles and Ora's home is a two acre ranchette

His boat and auxiliary garage/workshop. The barn is the neighbors.

Lots of mowing

Miles and Elsa having a cup of coffee

Ken and Ora

As a navigator today I lead Elsa on a circuitous route where we pass a bunch of goat farms in the area. But we get to I-5 and drive into Sacramento, eventually. As a motorcyclist I keep forgetting that most normal folks do not go out of their way to find these little used back roads to ride on. :-)

The Market Club must have found some old menus since the prices are written over and they are now closed on Saturdays and Mondays, but still show a Monday Special.
The lunch side of the one page menu

The breakfast side of the menu

Soup and salad. The soup was outstanding a hamburger vegetable noodle.

Elsa getting ready to dig in

Ken digging in. This was Ken's first visit to the Market Club and he wants to know when the next trip is.

Although Miles and Ora have both been to the Market Club a number of times this was their first Tuesday short rib visit. Their plates were clean.

The very thin waitress had moved to Santa Barbara and I was surprised to see her.
She mentioned in passing that it was not a good move. But as usual too busy to discuss any further than that. She had worked at the Market Club for 13 years before moving to Santa Barbara last Fall.

After our big lunch we had to make the "tour" before heading home. Elsa had left for home so there are now four of us in Miles car.

First stop is Osaka Ya for Manju.

These are the more traditional Manjus. The pink ones are filled with whole bean paste, the white ones with smooth bean paste and the Yomogi with whole bean paste. The Kinako is smooth bean paste but the whole thing is dusted in soy bean flour.

After getting my half dozen Manju and the rest buying a few. We head through Land Park to visit the new Mahoroba Japanese Bakery.

Interesting stuff, hot dog, bacon and egg and pizza in a Japanese bread {pan}

Yakisoba pan, Chicken teriyaki pan, Curry pan and Shumai pan

We all buy a few different items at the bakery, but they are the more traditional dessert type.

Then we hop in the car to cross the parking lot to go to Oto's Market.
The chicken teriyaki bento and the unagi bento

A nice roast for Easter

Good stuff, taki or octopus

This is the stuff that is the nick name of the Lunch Bunch title - gobo.

But we are not done yet. We head over to Florin Road and then a bit east to the Rice Bowl Restaurant to pick up a few Baked Cha Sui Baos.

Ora is sitting this one out since Miles is just going in to get a half dozen baos.

Here is the restaurants Dim Sum selection

I just get one order which is three buns while Miles gets two orders. Baos can be frozen and reheated in the microwave without damaging their flavor too much.

Here is today's route:

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  1. Excellent! As usual. I NEED to go to the Market Club on Tuesday...Maybe on the way home?