Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 Aug 25 - Fuji Sushi Buffet - Gobo's

2010 Aug 25 - Fuji Sushi Buffet - Gobo's
Elk Grove, CA

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Today we have a very big group for Gobo's Lunch Bunch. There are eight of us. Miles, Ora, Gobo, Elsa, Kenny, Patti, Grandma's baby sister Jennifer {substituting for Grandma who is vacationing with her sister-in-law in Australia and Fiji} and me.

We have finally set a date for our trip to Fuji Sushi Buffet in Elk Grove, CA.
Waiting for Fuji to open for lunch which is served from 11:00AM to 2:00PM

Miles and Ora show up last

The buffet has a line with desserts, fruit and some Chinese dishes, but the main attractions are the Sushi Bar and the items that can be ordered via the wait staff.
Here we have ordered a combination Tempura platter with veggies, shrimp, calamari, oysters and soft shell crab

We have also each picked up a few items from the sushi bar. Kenny, Gobo and Miles.

Elsa and Jennifer

Elsa, Patti, Jennifer and Kenny

The ladies on the right: Ora, Elsa, Patti and Jennifer

The guys on the left: Kenny, Gobo and Miles

Time for dessert

Munching on dessert and BSing

The next two photos are of the sushi bar.

Here the Lunch Bunch relaxes a bit before ending our lunch party.

For all the food that we have eaten here is what our tab comes to.

Ora and Miles head back home as does Gobo. The rest of us have met at Elsa's and Jennifer wants to visit Oto's Market in Sacramento just a few miles north.
Checking out the watermelons at the entrance to Oto's

Jennifer decides to do some shopping

Patti and Jennifer are the only ones to buy something on this trip

Next we head across the parking lot to Mahoroba Japanese Bakery.
Part of the display case at Mahoroba's

Jennifer wants this next photo on Facebook.
This is the Mahoroba signature item, the Kobe Cream

Today happens to be the hottest day so far this year and will set a record for this date in both Sacramento and Stockton.

Jennifer had wanted a ride on one of my motorcycles from her home to Elsa's. But after checking the weather report we decided an air conditioned car was a better choice for today.
My car's thermometer at a stop signal in Stockton at 3:00PM



  1. I was in Sacramento today and passed by Oto's about the time you would have been there! LOL We drove by there after getting some ice cream at Vic's to cool off!

  2. Looks good as usual! :-) Fun folks, good food. Warm weather. Summer hasn't arrived in Coos Bay. Fall is in the air already..time to head south like the birds.:-) Thanks for posting the great blog, Donald.