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2010 Sep 11 - 50 Year Class Reunion

2010 Sep 11 - Edison High Class of 1960 50 Year Class Reunion
Stockton, CA

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Today half of the Lunch Bunch, the Grant Elementary School folks, are attending the Stockton, CA Edison High School 50 Year Class Reunion. It is being held at Elkhorn Country Club in Stockton.

The five of us from this 1952 class photograph of a combined fourth and fifth grade class are all going together in Ken's car. Notice the limited class size. I am not sure how Mrs Surber handled that many kids. The man in the photo is our school Principal Mr Estes.
I was the only fourth grader of the five going the other four were in the fifth grade at the time of this picture

Since both Linda and Grandma live a bit over thirty miles from Stockton now they are sharing a room a the Residence Inn about a half a mile from my home. Ken picks me up first and then waits in the car while I gather up Linda and Grandma.
Linda forgot her mirror and had to have Grandma help her with her hair

Getting in Ken's car

Next we travel the four miles to pick up Patti who lives on the route to Elkhorn.
Grandma and Patti grew up a block away from each other and have been battling like this for the past 60+ years

We manage to get to the rear parking lot.
Ken takes a photo from behind

Checking out their shoes

This is the girls photo for the Memory Book which will be mailed to everyone who attended

Ready to eat dessert

Visiting with friends

Grandma visiting with the teachers in attendance. Grandma returned to teach at Edison for a couple of years after college, so these are also her co-workers

Ken catching up with Mary Ellen and Jim

Me with Gene and Norm {a classmates hubby} who are both dentists

A nice posed photo of Linda and Patti

Ken, Linda, Patti and our friend Tak dancing

Ken was wandering around but here is the Lunch Bunch

Visiting around the table

Our old friend Tak who has lived in Honolulu since his college days

We wind up at a 24 hour coffee shop.

Hash Browns with Gravy. This was a staple of our Class at Eddie's Coffee Shop in the late 1950's. We had this after football games and school dances.

Ken has toast and Tak has a breakfast

Click here to see a slide show of the photos from the Reunion.


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