Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Oct 3 - Brentwood Cafe

2010 Oct 3 - Brentwood Cafe
Brentwood, CA

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Today I am delivering my back up iMac to Grandma since her PC had just died.

But I am meeting Grandma and her better half at the Brentwood Cafe for breakfast.
Shot from the edge of Hwy 4

The wife and co-owner sticking her head out the front door

They have a big parking lot in the back and most people come into the restaurant from the back parking lot entrance.
Grandma and hubby, David parked way in the back

The dress for the Brentwood Cafe is very casual

The owner taking a smoke break

They have the Daily Specials Boards just inside the back entrance door.
The lunch and dinner Daily Specials

The breakfast Daily Specials

Just three of Grandma and hubby's senior cohorts are here today. The usual crew has six to eight total including Grandma and hubby.
Our table is in the meeting room in one corner

Here's everyone and since this is a regular Sunday morning table the owner has brought a plate full of biscuits on the house

Three of us are having Eggs Benedict, two full orders and one half order. A senior bacon and eggs. One cold cereal and Grandma has oatmeal.

My Eggs Benedict with Country Potatoes

David's Eggs Benedict with hash browns. Here you can see the slice of cheese under the ham. I had to scrape it off on my muffins. Eggs Benedict has enough calories and fat without adding cheese.

And this is the half order



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