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2010 Oct 7 - Old Guys to Wool Growers

2010 Oct 7 - Wool Growers
Los Banos, CA

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For the past few months I have been riding my bicycle the 4 miles to Michael's Pizza/Gina's Cafe for breakfast.
Today three of the morning regulars there are headed for Lunch at the Wool Growers Basque Restaurant in Los Banos, CA.
Most of the regulars I have just met, but Joe I have known for over 62 years having first met him in 1948 when I was four years old.
Gina's Cafe

"Not Miguel" taking a break

A small order of Veggie Scramble

Marcus and Joe a couple of breakfast regulars

Joe, my reflection in the window, Marcus and Jerry

We are waiting for Rod who will be driving Joe and me to Los Banos. Rod was at Gina's when they opened at 6:00 AM and had gone home to rest. He will pick us up at 11:00 AM.
Rod at the Westley Rest Stop after the 35 miles we needed a cigarette break and pit stop

Another 50 miles more down I-5 and east on Hwy 152 we arrive at the Wool Growers in Los Banos.
Joe and Rod

Rod and Joe heading to the entrance

This is Rod's second or third time here, but it is Joe's first visit to the Wool Growers.
The bread, butter, wine, and water pitcher are brought to us first

While we are waiting the couple of minutes for our waitress to bring out the soup and beans I take a photo of our neighbor's Pork Chops and Baked Chicken. Rod , Joe and I all ordered the Lamb Shanks which happened to be on today's lunch menu.

Three items are always on the lunch: Pork Chops, Lamb Chops or Baked Chicken. Every now and then a fourth item will be prepared. Today it happened to be Lamb Shanks.
Pork Chops and note the French Fries which are cooked in the traditional oil and not in the politically correct oil. The French Fries are delicious.

The half of a Baked Chicken

Here us old guys have finished our soup and are now eating the salad

Rod is dishing out some of the Lamb Stew and Joe is eating the Chicken and Rice. This is the entree level before our main course.

Chicken and Rice is always served on Sunday instead of Lamb Stew, but today we have a serving of both

Here is the Lamb Stew

I have cut the half of the meat from one Lamb Shank and put it on my plate

Rod and Joe eating the Lamb Shank. Joe ate both of his but Rod and I could barely finish one and took the other home in a doggy bag.

The salad and the French Fries

And for dessert there is the little container of ice cream

Now this whole meal comes to $16 each which includes the sales tax. They had just raised the price $1. Dinners were $18 and were raised to $20. Dinners have the additional choices of Roast Lamb, Prime Rib, or New York Steak. And they add Potato Salad. By the way coffee or tea is also included.

As we are leaving I take a photo of the bar. The owner is tending bar and his wife is sitting at the far left.
The old style bar which is a separate room in front of the Dining Room

Here is an older photo showing what the Dining Room looks like when it is empty

We are now ready to head home after a very full meal.
Rod and Joe getting into the car


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